Quality is not expensive........ it is priceless!

Puppies are usually sold with a limited registration as recommended by the Golden Retriever club of America as well as the American Kennel Club. Puppies placed with a limited registration cannot be shown in the conformation ring, but can participate in agility events, hunt trials, obedience, therapy work or any other AKC sanctioned event. If any puppies are sold with full registration, it is at our discretion and will require additional cost. All puppies will have their dew claws removed, a physical examination by a licensed Veterinarian, a record of health signed by said Veterinarian and they will have a microchip inserted if you desire. Vaccinations and de-wormings are kept current until the puppy leaves our family. The puppies also come with a two year health guarantee.
We reserve the right to keep first choice puppy from occasional litters.

Since we offer a variety of of combinations, litters will be priced individually. We will have full American Goldens, full English Cremes and 1/2 American - 1/2 Creme. Please contact us for pricing.

To get on a waiting list or to purchase a puppy from a current litter, a deposit of $250.00 is required. This deposit is not refundable unless the Dam would fail to have enough puppies of the specified gender or unless the puppy you have selected has a health issue at the time of the Veteranarian examination. If that were to happen, your deposit will be returned or you can place it on a different puppy or a puppy from a different litter. If the second choice puppy is more or less expensive, you will either receive or pay the difference. If a puppy is available to you and you change your mind for any reason other than gender, your deposit will not be refunded. Puppy selection is on a first deposit/first choice basis: second deposit, second choice and so on. Please remember that the others on a list will all be waiting for your choice, so you will be able to come and visit the puppies once they have gotten their 6 week vaccination and hopefully choose then.


When you come to visit, the adult dogs will be shown behind a wire fence. A few always ruin it for the rest of us, and people have threatened to sue because an adult has jumped up on them or snagged their blouse or some such nonsence.

We discourage very young children holding the puppies for obvious reasons. It is safe to put the child in your lap, then the puppy in the child's lap.

If you own other dogs, we understand how important it is to let him/her meet the puppy. We prefer it if you keep your older pet in the car and take the puppy to the car for the meeting. The mommies get pretty nervous when a strange adult dog goes around her puppies.


Shipping is available in the US only. For one puppy, the cost is approximately $375.00 counter to counter and covers most major airports. The shipping fee includes air fare,Travel Taxi, a
 Veterinary Health Exam as well as my time to and from Minneapolis.